Fuck Johan Stuckey - 8.0" | 8.25" | 8.5"

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Art By: Nick Cave

"I first met Nick four years ago through the family I nannied for. He’s the kid’s (Louie) godfather. Because of that I became super close with Nick’s son Earl. I would go up to the house they were staying at over the next couple of months and shoot the shit, talk about music, movies , life, whatever.

At the end of that summer, Nick came up to me and handed me a record of his and said “I don’t usually go around giving my records out, but I think you’d appreciate this.” I still to this day don’t think he knows how much that has meant to me. He’s one of the most talented musicians of any generation. If you have never, you should probably go take a listen. Hell of a guy too!" -Jojo

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